Handbag Bingo


Looking for a way to meet more people? If you’re a woman (sorry guys), the upcoming Handbag Bingo event run by the Women’s Philanthropy division of the Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven is the perfect venue.

Maybe you’re like me, carrying the same waterproof purple crossbody bag in all seasons, constantly losing my keys and wallets in an abyss of zippers and old receipts. (Definitely not appropriate for anything fancier than a trip to the supermarket, maybe not even that). Or, maybe you’re also like me, a huge fan of dessert. Or, still, maybe you’re like me, into winning! If any of those apply, please join me at the Handbag Bingo event on May 30 at 7 PM at the JCC. You can RSVP online.

- Julie Katz