Passover Prep + Extra Room At The Table

Passover always involves lots of preparation. I started my Passover shopping, thankfully, in March. I figured if Stop & Shop set up its Passover aisle in February, I should take advantage by buying my dry goods - matzah, jams, olive oil. Now that Stop & Shop union members are on strike, I need to finish my shopping in other stores. My Rabbi Jon-Jay Tilsen says that crossing a picket line for Passover would make the food no longer fit for use as Passover celebrates freedom.

I still need a few items, so I’ve been exploring other local stores. Westville Kosher Market, open for another day before the holiday starts, stocks an array of kosher for Passover meats and cheeses and dry goods (Pomegranate syrup or silan anyone?). And, if you’re pressed for time, they have a ton of great prepared foods, too.  Edge of the Woods always has great produce. Costco has a surprisingly large selection of kosher for Passover items from lox and potato kugel to prepared cakes (which make an easy breakfast). And, Shop Rite in Orange (and to a lesser extent in Derby) has a few kosher for Passover items, too. Yesterday, I found kosher for Passover salt and sugar in Derby. Please share other local Passover resources you’ve discovered in our comments section.

Even with all the craziness of Passover preparation - cleaning, shopping, cooking, preparing extra beds for guests - we always have an extra seat at our Seder, and not just for Elijah. It’s a Passover tradition to invite people to the Seder. And this year, 2 for Seder takes that tradition one step further. 2 for Seder encourages people to invite two non-Jewish friends or neighbors to their Seders to foster greater understanding.

2 for Seder is created in loving memory of Joyce Fienberg, who was murdered at Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, PA on October 27, 2018. 2 for Seder helps us all push back on anti-semitism by sharing one of the most Jewish holidays with two of our neighbors and friends who have never been to a Seder. Please visit to learn more and participate.


Whether you’re new to town or just discovering new resources in the area, we wish you a Happy Passover. - Julie Katz