10 "must try" Israeli products to buy around Passover season and how to use them

Happy spring means Happy Passover! Traditionally this time of the year we cleanse, declutter, get rid of Chametz, however, for some of us, it is also that time of a year to stock up on some of our all-time favorite Kosher for Passover Israeli goods, as the local supermarkets get overwhelmingly packed with them.

Here is my guide to the 10 must-try products to buy around this Passover season:

1. Silan - Date syrup

“The king of the desert”, Silan for years now has been an essential ingredient in Israeli cuisine. Sweet, with a slightly sour aftertaste, this syrup is the maple syrup of the Middle East and a well worthy replacement for both maple syrup and honey.

You can add it to your salad dressings, meat marinades, and even drizzle it on desserts and ice cream. You can bake and cook with it and it pairs amazingly with raw tahini!

Another delicious related product is dates spread - You can use this in pastries and cakes, and in israel, it's used as a healthy and vegan replacement for chocolate.


2. Osem Instant Pudding

This pudding mix comes in vanilla and chocolate flavors and is a must-have in every dedicated baker's pantry.

Israeli bakers use this product in baked goods and as a delicious addition to frostings. Add the instant pudding to heavy cream and in seconds you will get a splendid dessert that is both gluten-free and kosher for Passover!


3.  Achva Halva

Halva has made a major comeback recently. Countless dedicated Halva stores have opened all over the Holy Land and Halva filled croissants are literally the best thing you will ever try in your life! Back here in CT, we make do with good old Achva Halva. Slice it and serve it with tea or Turkish coffee, or add it to your pastries with a sprinkle of grounded pistachios for unforgettable middle eastern flair.


4. Mekupelet Chocolate Bar

Mekupelet for me is the taste of childhood. After all, what kid can resist sweet milk chocolate swirls that crumbs in your mouth? For an extra glutinous experience crumble it up and sprinkle over vanilla ice cream. Addiction guaranteed.


5. 778 spreadable fruit

This classic Israeli fruit spread comes in 3 delicious flavors; cherry, apricot and blackberry. It’s the perfect addition to any tea party spread, and great for baking. As an added bonus, it has no preservatives added.

6. Bisli

The ultimate Israeli snack (after Bamba of course), Bisli has a place of honor in my nostalgic craving memory and in every kids' birthday spread. Available in a variety of flavors from Falafel to Grill to Pizza, I can assure you that this crunchy goodness will take a special place in your heart (and stomach).  


7. Wizotsky Nana (Mint) Tea

Every Israeli will tell you that there’s nothing better than a refreshing cup of mint tea after a heavy holiday meal. Or for some of us it’s just a little sip of home.

nana tea

8. Kariot cereal

If haven’t  tried this cereal yet, you should run and stock up on it stat, because your kids are gonna crazy for this crispy, pillow shaped, Nougat-filled goodness that melts in your mouth when comes in contact with milk.


9.. Knorr Falafel mix

Who doesn't like Falafel? Especially when the flavors are the closest thing to the real deal you will get around here (Sorry Mamouns!). This vegetarian mix is delicious.


10. Elit Para Milk Chocolate with Strawberry Nougat filling

Another Israeli classic, a delicious milk chocolate bar filled with strawberry nougat. Need I say more?

strawberry chocolate

Have any products you love that I didn’t share? Let us know in the comments!

Happy Passover!!!  Pesach Sameach!