Welcome to the jclick blog!

The jclick crew :)

The jclick crew :)


Hello! Welcome to jclick, a new online venue where you can connect with a community ambassador and learn about the great Jewish resources we have here in the Greater New Haven area.

Believe it or not, jclick took over a year to get off the ground. The five of us - all relative newcomers to the area ourselves - met through Yesod, a leadership program sponsored by the Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven. We wished we had known about certain key resources earlier in our journeys. And, we all realized that after several years in the area, we still had more to discover.

To bring jclick to life, we met regularly at each others homes and at the JCC. We discussed our goals and approach, what to include and what to leave out, and which community leaders to involve.

We are thrilled to share jclick with you. Please reach out if you’re looking for a connection to an ambassador. And, please let us know if there’s a resource that’s missing (or one you wish existed).

Elina, Jamie, Julie, Oren & Tanya