jclick Ambassador Guide

Thank you for signing up to be a community ambassador!


The role of an ambassador

The primary role of an ambassador is to welcome new people to the Jewish community, and to connect new community members to relevant community organizations and resources.

How ambassadors will exist

Each ambassador will have a short profile on the website with key information of their choosing:

Lifestage - Retired, grandparent, divorced, single, young professional, parent, etc.

Religious affiliation - Orthodox, Unaffiliated, Conservative, Reform, Reconstructionist, Spiritual, etc.

Years in the Greater New Haven area

Key areas of knowledge in the Jewish community - Synagogue membership, schools/nursery schools, organizations, etc.

Personal interests - Hiking, art, music, animals/pets, etc.

Becoming an ambassador

New ambassadors may join at any time

Ambassadors may cease being ambassadors at any time

Ambassadors can sign up or leave via admin@jclickct.org

The connection process  

Ambassadors will have jclick email addresses that will forward to their regular email addresses. If requested, when they reply to new community members, their email will be masked with a jclick email address.

A newcomer can select an ambassador to reach out to and get in touch, and the chosen ambassador should respond.

Welcoming newcomers

The ambassador should ideally make contact within a week of hearing from a new community member. Ambassadors may connect with new community members in person or via email.

jclick will provide ambassadors with suggested welcome language, but ambassadors may write their own welcome message if they choose.

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